The holiday season has arrived.  While this is one of the most enjoyable times of the year it can contain unique threats to our pets.   So this post is dedicated to providing just a few reminders about holiday hazards.

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and there are numerous hazards associated with our traditional feast we should keep in mind:

  • Turkey and chicken bones are almost irresistible to our pets but they are fragile, can splinter and lodge in the throat or block the intestinal track.  Make sure to keep these well out of reach.
  • Strings from roasts can be eaten and get lodged in the intestines.  You don't want to have emergency surgery ruin everybody's holiday.
  • Garbage cans can contain all kinds that are tempting to pet but can harm them.  Coffee grounds, onion, and garlic are just a few.  Keep the garbage well secured.
  • Chocolate and alcohol are also in abundance but harmful to pet.  Ensure they are kept out of reach.
  • Excessively fatty foods such as turkey skin can cause Pancreatitis.  Try not to give your dog too much of this.  Turkey meat without the skin is fine, just in moderation. 
  • Unbaked yeast dough can be hazardous is eaten raw.  The yeast will cause the dough to expand in your pet's stomach causing discomfort.

If you have a more nervous pet, you may also want to provide a quite space where they pet can feel safe.  There are also many calming products available from Thundershirts to treats and herbal drops.  Most of these take about 20 minutes to work so they should be given prior to your guests arriving. 

Pay attention to signs of stress in your pet and remove them from the situation before things get out of hand, especially if your pet is not used to small children.  Stress signals include yawning, excessive panting, lip licking and whale eye. 

Here's wishing you, your family and your pets a Happy Thanksgiving.