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Basic Canine Nutrition

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Event Info:

  • October 12, 2019
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


As pet parents we all want to provide the best we can for our four-legged family members.  With all the recent recalls and frightening headlines knowing what to feed can be confusing.  What does species appropriate food mean?  Are raw diets safe?   What about grain free?  Can diet help with allergies?  In this seminar, taught by Karen Egert, we’ll cover the basics of canine nutrition and help you feel confident in choosing foods that will help your dog thrive, not just survive.

Some of the topics we’ll discuss include:

·        Ingredients you don’t want to find in your pet’s food

·        Ingredients you want to look for in pet food

·        How to evaluate your dog’s body condition

·        How to tell if you dog is digesting their food well (Yes, we’ll be talking about poop)

·        The benefits of feeding a higher quality food

·        The dietary requirements for fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals

·        A guide to choosing commercial food

·        An overview of how to calculate dry-matter basis so you can compare different foods. 


You’ll learn about the pet food industry and understand what your dog really needs to be happy and healthy.  Along the way we’ll debunk some dietary myths and help make sure you’re an informed consumer.

Bio:  Karen Egert is the owner of Karen’s Canine Kitchen and currently studying for her Clinical Pet Nutritionist Certification.  Her journey into pet nutrition began when one of her dogs was misdiagnosed with a food allergy.  This prompted her to begin researching safe alternatives to commercially made treats and it grew from there.  Karen is passionate about helping her customers understand and feel confident about the products that are using for their pets.