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Karen’s Canine Kitchen started simply by creating natural treats for our own dogs because our dog Sasha always had strange eating habits.  She would go on binges where she ate shoelaces, her bedding, even the strings on my apron.  One night she ate the cover off a leather-bound bible while my husband and I were at the movies.  That little escapade racked up over $400 in vet bills but we found out what her problem was - irritable bowel syndrome. 

After that, I began searching for foods that would not upset her sensitive system.  I also started making treats for her.  I was able to control what went into them, adding herbs that have long been used medicinally, and I found that all of our dogs really enjoyed them.  

We have expanded our mission is to provide our valued customers with the finest products for your pet at competitive prices.  From food to treats, collars to toys, supplements and grooming supplies, we search for and proudly carry many American made products.

Your leashed pet is always welcome to visit and shop with you.  


We love our customers from Leesburg areas around Lady LakeOkahumpka, Bassville Park, Haines Creek, Yalaha, Tavares, Fruitland Park, and Adamsville!

Come visit our pet supply store in Leesburg, FL specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.