Goat’s milk, especially when raw, is one of the most complete foods you can find.  It contains electrolytes, enzymes, protein, fatty acids, trace minerals and vitamins. Raw (unpasteurized) goat milk is easy for dogs to digest and utilize.  Digestion can occur in as little as 20 minutes because the fat molecules are only about the 1/5th size of cow’s milk.   

Goat’s milk has numerous benefits for dogs.  First, it is great for digestion.  It contains tons of probiotics, the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract that helps digestion.  Bacterial imbalances can be the source of allergies, digestive issues and other health issues.  Probiotics help maintain a healthy gut.  Adding in probiotics is especially important after a course of antibiotics and other medications.   

Second, it has immune boosting properties.  Goat’s milk contains Vitamin A, Zinc, Selenium, Calcium and Phosphorus.  It also helps with copper and iron absorption.  It can help with malabsorption and mineral deficiencies.  By consuming and absorbing more nutrients the immune system gets healthier and more robust. 

Third, it has anti-inflammatory properties.  Goat’s milk can reduce inflammation not only in the gut but in other parts of the body as well.  It can be a great addition to the diets of dogs with food or environmental allergies.  This is because it is alkaline which helps to balance the pH in the digestive tract and can help keep candida yeast in check. 

Goat’s milk is high in calories and can help malnourished dogs recover and gain weight more quickly.  Dogs that don’t need to gain weight should have other food reduced by an equivalent amount.   Most dogs really like the taste so it may also help entice picky pooches to eat.  

Goat’s milk is often called the “universal milk” because most mammals can easily digest it.  It is also the most consumed milk around the world.  It’s no wonder considering all the benefits goat’s milk provides.